Grow a Winter Garden

Winter Garden Update

OK, we’re supposed to have our crops established before the cold weather hits. Despite this best practice, my veggies are growing and we have freezing temps at night. Mostly 50’s during the day but the weather regularly goes from one extr...

Quick and Healthy Cookies

Chocolate Chip and Chia Seed Cookie Recipe

“I’m not a vegan but sometimes I cook like one.” These easy to make, light and airy cookies make a great breakfast or snack food. They fill you up and provide fiber, protein and a bunch of nutrients. They’re low in carbs and do not contain grai...

Garden Idea Book

15 Fun Garden Ideas for Home, School and Community

Gardening Ideas and Inspiration! I’m writing my next book and realized that I’ve got plenty of ideas, many tested at the school garden and lots more at home. I like those “Idea Books” that motivate and help me dream! They̵...

Fig Force Field - How to Keep Birds Away from Figs

Fig Force Field – Unreal Garden World

Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to keep the birds away from my figs. More Dec 2014!