Should You Chit Potatoes

3 Reasons to Chit Potatoes – Is Chitting Necessary?

Is chitting just busy work for passionate gardeners? Honest gardening folk would NEVER waste time doing mindless chores to avoid grocery shopping, cleaning the house or paying bills. Is chitting necessary? It is NOT. So why should I prepare my spud b...

recipe watermelon pickles food

How to Make Watermelon Pickles

Pickled watermelon rind adds a new twist to many a dish! This article gives you key tips for making the best watermelon pickles eva! !UPDATE I ate 3 of these jars alone last week – glad I gave away the others. ADDICTIVE! Most folks have never t...

Garden Idea Book

15 Fun Garden Ideas for Home, School and Community

I’m writing my next book and I realized that I’ve got plenty of ideas, many tested at the school garden and lots more at home. I like those “Idea Books” that make you think. They’re not HOW TO’s. Instead they inspi...

Fig Force Field - How to Keep Birds Away from Figs

Fig Force Field – Unreal Garden World

Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to keep the birds away from my figs. More Dec 2014!