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11 Fun Pumpkins and Winter Squash and How to Use Them

My oldest and I are on the lookout for the most interesting pumpkins and winter squash. Check these out at your local farm stand and use our tips to help you choose the best ones for carving, cooking and decoration. Also check out my other posts about stuffing pumpkin blossoms and creative recipes for pumpkin crisps, fries and roasted seeds. 1. Galeux d’Eysines CARVING: YES but more difficul... »

how to compost with worms ebook

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments – Community Page

What challenges do you face when fertilizing your plants or amending your soil? Add your comments, tips and experiences so we can all enjoy and learn! Do you use natural or organic techniques and materials? Are you addicted to synthetic fertilizers? What kinds of “tricks of the trade” make for a great garden where you live? Do you have any concerns or warnings to help inform us? In my ... »

how-to-make hypertufa planters

How-To Make a Hypertufa Planter, Trough and Sculpture!

It is easy to create your own hypertufa pots, troughs and sculptures using these simple recipes and instructions. WHAT IS HYPERTUFA? Hypertufa is a lightweight stone material created to mimic the look of porous limestone or volcanic rock. Once cured, it is much lighter than cement or even terracotta. Over time, the natural materials in the mix will degrade and you’ll be left with pits and an... »

How to Grow  Garlic Sprouts – Are Garlic Sprouts Edible?

How to Grow Garlic Sprouts – Are Garlic Sprouts Edible?

The time to plant garlic has passed for most but there’s hope for us slackers. We can grow our own gourmet garlic sprouts! I got lazy and bought bagged garlic. I’ve done this before and told myself never to do it again. As usual, most of the cloves in the bag developed tiny white roots. I’ve had garlic bulbs grow sprouts on the counter. They are edible. How to Grow Garlic Sprouts... »

Printable seed envelope template

Seed Envelope Template Classic Theme 1 Organic Gardening Tips, Tools and Templates

You can make your own seed packets with just about anything including sticky notes, scrap paper and old seed catalogs! Think about printing your own! Include personalized information for friends or customers. Great for gifts, seed exchanges, merchandising or promotions. I’m going to use them as a school fundraiser or fun gift for garden club members. Formatted as a Microsoft Word document, y... »

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50 Homemade Fertilizers and Soil Amendments: eBOOK – EASY, ORGANIC Recipes for EDIBLE GARDENS

Fifteen years ago I started looking into alternatives to synthetic fertilizers. I don’t run a large farm. I grow in small plots, raised beds, containers, barrels, sacks, bags, bottles and pretty much anything I can stick a plant in. I have kids and want them to eat the freshest, safest and tastiest homegrown food possible. In my own quest for a chemical-free lifestyle, I learned how to recyc... »

How to Use Arugula as a Cover Crop

Using Edible Cover Crops and Green Manures in the Home Garden

I always seem to plant too much arugula and mustard greens – seeds are so tiny. Luckily, I discovered years ago that they make a wonderful cover crop for smaller spaces. Plant arugula to eat, protect the soil, control weeds and add nutrients. If you live in a cold climate, they’ll naturally decompose over winter. PLANTING: Scatter the seed lightly. Cover with just enough soil to keep t... »

Arugula recipes

10 Ways to Eat Arugula

Arugula is a versatile green. We grow lots of it in our community garden plot. It also grows well in burlap sacks and grow bags. We even plant extra to use as an edible green manure! If you’re looking for new ways to use arugula, check out these fun ideas: 1. As a pizza topping. 2. In soup. 3. In sandwiches. 4. As a substitute for basil in pesto. 5. Sauteed in olive oil and lemon juice but f... »

alfalfa pellets fertilizer tips

Alfalfa Pellets Fertilizer | HOW TO Use Alfalfa Pellets in the Garden

Do you stay away from synthetic fertilizers, maybe forage around your area for natural options? Alfalfa pellets work great to fertilize cole crops – broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale and kohlrabi. Many folks use alfalfa rabbit food to fertilize their gardens. The pellets are smaller and will break down quickly (but not much faster than the larger version). If y... »

sewage sludge fertilizer warnings

Is Sewage Sludge a Safe Fertilizer? What are Biosolids?

WHAT IS SEWAGE SLUDGE? Sewage sludge is a byproduct of water treatment plants and as you can imagine it’s plentiful. It comes from homes, hospitals and businesses – anything flushed or dumped down the drain. You’ve got human fecal matter, heavy metals, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, and hundreds of contaminants that are not fully removed even after treatment. It IS regulated but onl... »

about kohlrabi, kohlrabi recipes, how to prepare kohlrabi

How to Eat Kohlrabi | 5 Ways to Prepare Kohlrabi

Everything is doing well at our school garden including the kohlrabi. The farm stand that I visit regularly sells a bunch for $1.75 and I’m also growing two kinds in my community garden. Most of the students in our garden club have never seen kohlrabi before. It’s a weird-looking veggie. Looks complicated but it couldn’t be easier to enjoy. The key is to buy it or harvest it at t... »

Save Tomato Seed

7 Secrets to Saving Tomato Seed in the Home Garden

Whether you simply rinse and dry tomato seeds, create a smelly fungus to kill evil pathogens or drop whole fruits in the ground, many of your saved tomato seeds will survive and sprout if stored properly. No one method of seed saving reigns supreme. Seed companies use heat and bleach treatments to prepare large batches of tomato seed for sale to farms and the public. Over the years home gardeners ... »

Seed Saving Guide Seed Life in Years and Tomato Seed Fermentation Steps

Seed Saving Guide Seed Life in Years and Tomato Seed Fermentation Steps

Here’s a handy quick reference guide you can save and print for home use. It gives you instructions for saving home garden seeds. Get cross pollination tips plus a timeline that shows you how long your seeds will keep if properly maintained. Finally, for those of us that like to ferment our tomato seeds, you get 5 simple steps for producing fluffy seeds that will be free of any gel-like seed... »

kale chips

Take the Gas Out of Kale Plus Kale Chips Recipe and More

Why is it that sometimes the healthiest foods are the gassiest foods? Kale, kohlrabi, broccoli and Brussels sprouts should have warning labels – something like, “Eat too much of this and your jeans won’t fit.” or “Work up to a bowl full gradually.” or “Best not eaten on date night.”  Here are two ways we eat kale at our house to lessen its impact lat... »

10 Tips to Control Aphids Plus a Flowchart Action Plan

10 Tips to Control Aphids Plus a Flowchart Action Plan

Help!  I Have Aphids On My Plants Right Now! What do I do? Before I gained a better understanding of how aphids work, the first sight of them turned me into a revengeful maniac. I wanted to annihilate every last bugger! Now I’m a bit more relaxed and realize that unless my garden shows extreme signs of distress, aphids can be managed without chemicals or even natural sprays! How to tell if t... »

Homemade pesto with walnuts basil and herbs

Homemade Pesto with Walnuts, Basil, Sage, Oregano and Garlic

Looking for a new way to use your herbs?  A fresh take on pesto?  Something you can serve with pasta, crusty bread, salad or all those wonderful heirloom tomatoes? Try this nutty pesto recipe with a more complex flavor profile. I threw these ingredients in a blender as an experiment and boy was I pleased with the results! The ratios looked like this: ~Overflowing handful of basil leaves (I used ge... »

ladybug facts for kids

Fun Facts About Ladybugs

“Hi, I’m actually a lady beetle, not a bug. I chew my food instead of sucking it up. When something threatens me, I ooze smelly stuff from my legs to scare it away – like a tiny, gooey, super hero! I eat all kinds of pests like aphids, mites, white flies, and scale insects – and even some fungus and mildew. Hold your applause because I’m not perfect. When snacks are n... »

water container garden while away

How to Prepare Your Container Garden For Vacation

If you’ll be away for a few days or more, your garden will know it. If you don’t have an automatic drip system for your container plants, the obvious solution is to call a friend and ask for help – ask them to visit every other day and give the plants a sprinkle – make sure nothing’s dying. But what if the trip simply has bad timing and your friends are unavailable? I... »

How To Make Pumpkin Crisps, Fries, Roasted Seeds and S’mores!

How To Make Pumpkin Crisps, Fries, Roasted Seeds and S’mores!

This season I’ll be experimenting with candied pumpkin rind! I’ll post my results soon. Also see my other post that shows you pictures and tips for 11 Fun Pumpkins and Winter Squash. Learn which ones are best for carving, cooking and decor. Use the entire pumpkin!  Well, everything except the stem. No recipe for that yet : ) We had a few pumpkins that weren’t quite ready for carv... »

How to Plant Edibles in Burlap Sacks

How to Plant Edibles in Burlap Sacks

A versatile material in the garden, burlap is used to wrap tree and shrub roots, mulch growing beds, protect newly planted seeds.  I love adding strips of it to my worm bin. Red wigglers will devour the jute cloth along with the food scraps as they weave in and out of the fibers. I’m not sewing a stitch or covering plastic containers. My approach is more organic, free-form and natural looking. Onc... »

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