10 Ways to Eat Arugula

Arugula recipes

Arugula recipesArugula is a versatile green. We grow lots of it in our community garden plot. It also grows well in burlap sacks and grow bags. We even plant extra to use as an edible green manure! If you’re looking for new ways to use arugula, check out these fun ideas:
1. As a pizza topping.
2. In soup.
3. In sandwiches.
4. As a substitute for basil in pesto.
5. Sauteed in olive oil and lemon juice but for not too long.
6. Baked into chips, although small.
7. In salads and sides.
8. Mixed in with rice or quinoa.
9. Worked into pasta, even lasagna or as an ingredient in sauce.
10. With eggs, my favorite is in omelets.