10 Fun Garden Ideas for Home, School and Community

Garden Idea Book

1. Create Garden-Inspired Gifts

2. Grow Historical Plants

Read more about amaranth!

3. Grow Plants over other Plants

Read more about growing cucumbers on an arch!

4. Grow your own Sweet Potato Slips

5. Build a Bench without Nails or Screws

Learn how to build raised beds fast!

Build a greenhouse in a day!

6. Grow Greens in Cold Weather

So many ways to use arugula – check them out!

7. Plant Edible Flowers

See what the borage plant and flower looks like!

8. Easily Propagate Strawberry Plants

See how you can grow plants in burlap sacks!

9. Create your own Garden Labels

Get instructions on how to make polymer clay garden labels – they last for years and years!

10. Grow Potatoes in Burlap Sacks

See the video and get written instructions on how to plant potatoes above ground in containers!

5 More Ideas!

11. Create lightweight cement planters and sculpture

12. Create your own homemade fertilizers and soil amendments

13. Make your own homemade, healthy deodorant

14. See a list of all the things you can compost – you’ll be surprised!

15. Make an enclosed terrarium and don’t open it for years!