How To Grow Herbs in ContainersHarvesting Sunflowers in the Home Grown GardenThe perfect gardener doesn’t exist. I moved my kuOrganic Gardening with Little Miss Squash Blossommquat tree around the backyard five times before it started to flourish. I finally gave up on a blueberry bush and left it out bare root for a month and it burst into berries. My new neighbors told me nothing would grow here and I’m harvesting exotic herbs and vegetables!

Come along for the ride! See what makes gardening and outdoor adventures fun! Read an entertaining and educational ditty on How to Recycle Human Hair to Stay Green! Learn how to make your own garden labels from clay or last year’s Christmas tree. Grow potatoes above ground in burlap sacks or pillow cases!

Worms! Now these little creatures are actually loads of fun. Get tips, close-up images and fun stories about how worms make compost, aka “vermicomposting”. Our composting section also gives you product advice and plenty of helpful information you may not find anywhere else.

Because this is a creative house, we also share fun recipes, how-to’s, crafts, adventures and videos that we think others might enjoy and maybe even learn from.  One of my most popular posts is the picture tutorial on how to make fossils. Learn how to scale it up for hundreds of kids or keep it a small activity. There’s even a sample lesson plan and prehistoric timeline. Make Fossils at School or Home

When we do get a chance to travel, we capture the fun and share it in videos, many times educational videos. See the one about gold country – understand the Gold Rush in 3 minutes! Love gems and minerals? Check out our homemade clip of the Gem and Mineral Show at the Natural History Museum in San Diego. They asked permission if they could show the video to their event board of directors!

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