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tomato blight and tomato blossom end rot

Five Things To Do To Your Tomatoes RIGHT NOW

Use these five tips NOW for healthy tomato plants. Combat disease, prevent pests and catch problems before they take hold. Stop adding nitrogen fertilizers. Excess nitrogen encourages leaf growth at the expense of fruit. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting blossoms or developing tomatoes, put down the liquid fertilizer and instead drench the soil with a gallon of water spiked with a tablesp... »

Word Search printable

Gardening WORD SEARCH Puzzle Downloads

Word search puzzles relax and challenge the mind. Download this fun new word search and try to find: amendment, borage, chard, compost, germinate, herbs, kelp, mint, orach, perlite, pollinate, potato, soil, spinach, sunchoke and worms. FREE for a limited time.   »

recipe homemade deodorant

HOW TO Make Homemade Deodorant Chemical FREE and All Natural

Homemade, chemical-free deodorant is becoming more popular as we discover how synthetic ingredients in commercial brands interact with the human body. Plenty of studies have been initiated to detect a relationship between chemicals in personal care products with breast cancer, skin disorders and hormone imbalances. Search scholarly articles and you’ll find evidence that ingredients you slath... »

attracting birds with sunflowers

How to Use Sunflower Seeds to Attract Birds to your Backyard

Sunflower seed is by far the most preferred seed type to feed backyard birds across the United States. There are many birds that love sunflower seeds and the most common birds could be flying around your backyard right now looking for a snack! Some Common Backyard Birds Attracted By Sunflower Seed: American Goldfinch Black-Capped Chickadee Black-Crested Titmouse Blue Jay Carolina Chickadee Downy W... »

HOW TO Grow Ginger Indoors

HOW TO Grow Ginger Indoors

It took a few weeks to pop through the soil and a couple of months for it to take off. I picked up organic root so it would have a better chance of sprouting. The soil mixture is homemade – sifted compost, worm castings, vermiculite and perlite. Learn more about all those ingredients on Home GrownFun. Container Size to grow ginger Ginger likes to run horizontally underground so if you have a... »

Natural Cleaners Safe Kids

10 Natural Cleaner Recipes

Go no further than your refrigerator and your pantry to make your own natural, non-toxic cleaners. Avoid harmful chemicals in store-bought cleaners! They have been found to damage lungs, skin and other organs. It couldn’t be easier to create your own for peace of mind, especially if you have children in the home. You don’t need to go out and buy any special soaps for these recipes! WIN... »

Sow Seed Early OUTSIDE

HOW TO Start Seeds EARLY OUTSIDE – Seed Starting Tips and Tricks

Too busy to start seeds indoors? Don’t have a sunny south facing window or enough artificial lighting to properly grow seedlings inside? Or maybe it’s already too late…Don’t give up on sowing your own seeds just yet. Plant Seeds Directly Outside EARLY Plant directly outside under a homemade mini greenhouse and create your own ecosystem that keeps the seed moist and protecte... »

Homemade Healthy Dog Treats

Homemade Doggie Banana Cupcake Treats

These are the most delicious, homemade dog treats that your dog will ever taste! They are sugar-free, grain-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners whatsoever. Many of the items in these nutritious dog treats are healthy replacements or organic ingredients that provide extra nutrients and necessary fats for your dog. For example, both coconut oil and coconut flour are healthier substitutes for ... »

Malabar Spinach Recipes

All About Malabar Spinach – Grow, Eat and Craft!

Malabar spinach is a leafy green from East Asia that is gaining popularity in home gardens everywhere. Also known as acelga, bratana, ceylon spinach, Chinese spinach, Indian creeping spinach, climbing spinach and vine spinach, Malabar spinach is not technically a spinach but it acts like one with a more succulent texture. Belonging to the Basellaceae family of flowering plants, it is more related ... »

kissing bug facts

Kissing Bugs and Chagas Disease – 25 Facts That Will Save Your Sanity!

What are kissing bugs and how much should you worry about them? Kissing bugs are one of the latest creatures to cause a scare in the United States. They are bloodsucking insects with the scientific name triatomines. Kissing bugs are called many different names in the U.S.: chinches, cone-nose bugs, walapai tiger and Mexican bed bugs. In Latin American countries they are a feared pest known as besu... »

Organic Gardening Tips, Get rid of aphids, Squash Bug, How to Kill Snails

Organic Pest Control Secrets

Synthetic insecticides, natural oils and homemade sprays can be toxic to your garden! Chemical and natural pest control applications upset the natural balance of “good” and “bad”. Before you crush up a jalapeno to make your own (Do-It-Yourself) DIY repellent…before you douse your plants with neem oil…before you reach for a can of chemical death…please read this electronic book. Y... »

How to Quit Chewing Tobacco

Fake Chewing Tobacco Recipes – Healthy DIY DIP made from Herbs

Someone near and dear to me started chewing tobacco. He used it to stay awake while driving vehicles across the country, two trips in one month! To help my loved one, I concocted a fake snuff using plants from the garden. He likes the taste and simply swallows it when he’s done – no spittin’ in a bottle. And the ingredients are good for him! Most deaths from smokeless tobacco are... »

how much wood ash in raised bed?

How to Use Wood Ashes in the Garden

If you have spare ashes lying around from a backyard fire pit, recycle some of it into your soil! Two hundred years ago, ash was processed for use as a potash fertilizer source. Eventually, the production became more costly and new methods to produce potash were developed. Why might ashes be good for the garden? Depending on source, wood and plant ashes contain varying amounts of potassium, phosph... »

homemade seed starting soil

Homemade Seed Starting Mix and Simple DIY Potting Soil Recipe

You can make your own seed starting mix and potting soil at home with the same recipe! You’ll need: One regular sized brick of coconut coir. This will make approximately 2 gallons (8 quarts) of medium. One gallon (4 quarts) of organic compost (NO MANURE) One gallon (4 quarts) of vermiculite (not a huge bag – it is common to see smaller 8-quart bags) One gallon (4 quarts) of perlite (no... »

When to fertilize seedlings

10 Best Tips for Starting Seed Indoors

Is seed starting somewhat of a mystery? Are there too many techniques to keep track of and to test? Because there are as many seed starting methods as there are seeds, we thought we would share exactly how we start seeds at Home Grown Fun. This is not a generic post. Not everyone will agree with our process. But we’ve found these tips and steps to be successful every season. We get healthy p... »

Fast Greenhouse Cheap

Build an Inexpensive Greenhouse in One Day

Would you love to have a traditional greenhouse but your budget and schedule prevent you from making it a reality? Are you confused by the all the choices and packaged kits on the market? What if I told you that you can build a greenhouse for the price of four hanging flower baskets? I also made raised beds in one day on the cheap and they’re still going strong. My kids and I sit on the edge... »

Best Companions for Tomatoes

5 Companion Planting Mistakes Tomato Growers Make

Are you unknowingly ruining your chances of a successful tomato crop? Want to avoid the biggest mistakes when placing tomatoes near other plants in the garden? There are several plants that may stunt tomato growth and there is one tree that could potentially kill your tomato plants! Stay clear of these vegetables and your tomatoes will grow better under less stress: BRASSICAS: Cabbage and tomatoes... »

rare seeds from the best seed suppliers

2016 Seed List and Garden Plan – What We’re Growing for Fun and Food

It’s never too soon to start planning a garden. Around here, including in the dead of winter, we’re growing year round! To make it even more fun, we’ll be creating a new garden this winter and spring at an elementary school in North Texas. As you can imagine, the seeds used in a school garden require some thought to accommodate for an abbreviated growing season while at the same time providi... »

Helicopter parenting at school

Helicopter Gardening

It was a balmy spring morning in a Southern California coastal community and tiny streams of leftover rainwater make their way around weed bumps in a suburban school garden. The fog is lifting and the place is peaceful although a bit disheveled. One lady takes a seat on a crude bench made from cement blocks and wood boards. Soon classes will walk by on their way to recess and notice something new,... »

Earth structure model for kids

How To Make an Earth Model Showing Layers EASY NO STYROFOAM

The core, mantle and crust make up the layers of the earth. Learn about the earth’s layers and plate tectonics by making your own scale model using a tennis ball and clay. NEW – Get the FREE printable for this project! Materials Needed: Tennis ball (an old one that does not bounce well works great). This is your planet earth! Utility knife (for an adult to use) Small, inexpensive block... »

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