Birthday Tree – Simple and Inexpensive Celebration

Our 8 year old loves anything NATURE.  Patterns, colors, flowers, animals, experiences…

It was a rainy weekday and the fun we had planned after school (horse back riding lessons on Camp Pendleton) was canceled. So we got creative!

With the help of little sister, we stuck a trimmed branch from a eucalyptus tree in a vase of rocks and started adding little trinkets that we knew she would love. A shiny bookmark next to some natural green beads, little notes and a whimsical pin. Special little notes, with and without cute little envelopes made her gush!

Ribbon bows and colored paper clips ramped up the color. Finally this was the day! She “waited eight years” to finally get the kiwi bird box with necklace and earrings that we purchased five years before she was born on our 21-day honeymoon in New Zealand.

Think of all the cool things you could attach for boys!  Keep it simple and naturally your kids, husband, wife and loved ones will cherish these types of thoughtful gestures that truly show you care.

Inexpensive Birthday IdeasTree for our 6 year old: Trimmed a blooming apricot branch from the back yard. Placed books (some used purchased at the school book sale) and drawing paper pads at the bottom. Attached colored pens and markers to the branches and added some garden-themed muslin pouches that Mom sells at the farmers market (wrapped up). Simple but it will make her feel special on a weekday morning.

inexpensive birthday ideas