Review of the Lifetime Compost Tumbler

Have you seen this tumbler? It's $98 bucks at Costco!  But hold off a bit before you lay down a hundred smackers on this...
How to Get Rid of the Tomato Hornworm

Tomato Hornworm Video

Little Miss Squash Blossom is faced with a rude garden pest in this fairytale featuring live shots of the tomato hornworm. Transcript
worm egg image

5 Entertaining Facts about Red Worm Eggs

Take a gander at this close-up of a red worm cocoon - looks like a miniature lemon. These little baby sacks are fascinating! 5 Fun Facts...

HOW TO Kill Weeds With Vinegar – Plus a VIDEO Weeds are a Pain! Despite all the blogs and websites that rave about vinegar killing weeds, it's not a perfect solution. In fact, boiling...

Funny Ways to Recycle Human Hair and Stay Green

Hair is a renewable resource! Pounds of hair get wasted every day and lost in landfills. Like tumbleweeds rolling around in the desert, these misplaced...
Compost Cartoon Joke Comedy

Comedy in Compost – Salon Rakeover

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Fun Facts About Ladybugs

"Hi, I'm actually a lady beetle, not a bug. I chew my food instead of sucking it up. When something threatens me, I ooze...