Sow Seed Early OUTSIDE

HOW TO Start Seeds EARLY OUTSIDE – Seed Starting Tips and Tricks

Too busy to start seeds indoors? Don’t have a sunny south facing window or enough artificial lighting to properly grow seedlings inside? Or maybe it’s already too late…Don’t give up on sowing your own seeds just yet. Plant Seeds Directly Outside EARLY Plant directly outside under a homemade mini greenhouse and create your own ecosystem that keeps the seed moist and protecte... »

homemade seed starting soil

Homemade Seed Starting Mix and Simple DIY Potting Soil Recipe

You can make your own seed starting mix and potting soil at home with the same recipe! You’ll need: One regular sized brick of coconut coir. This will make approximately 2 gallons (8 quarts) of medium. One gallon (4 quarts) of organic compost (NO MANURE) One gallon (4 quarts) of vermiculite (not a huge bag – it is common to see smaller 8-quart bags) One gallon (4 quarts) of perlite (no... »

How to Thin Kale Lettuce and Kohlrabi

How to Thin Seedlings – Thinning Chart – Cool Weather Crops

Every fall planting season I shuffle through seed packets to find out how to thin the seedlings. I simply forget. Sometimes it’s damp out in the garden, or it’s an uncommonly warm day. I would rather leave the seeds inside. To solve this little inconvenience, I created a chart for cool weather crops. No more fiddling around with a bag full of seed envelopes. Go ahead, print out this ha... »

Best method to save tomato seed

Myths and Tips on Saving Tomato Seed

Whether you simply rinse and dry tomato seeds, create a smelly fungus to kill evil pathogens, or drop whole fruits on the ground, many of your preserved seeds will survive and sprout if stored properly. No one method of seed saving reigns supreme. All you “funky fermenters” out there, your way is not the only way. There’s room for everyone! Before you save tomato seed this season... »

Tomato Seed Fermentation Steps

Tomato Seed Fermentation Steps

Five EASY Steps to Ferment Tomato Seed – IF YOU MUST Choose a healthy tomato from a healthy plant. Cut the tomato in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon or squeeze the tomato inside a container, gunk and all. Put your collected seeds in a container (glass or ceramic works great but plastic will do), along with the pulp, and add enough water to cover the seed. Cover the container with a... »

how to save tomato seed at home

Seed Saving Chart – Easiest Seeds to Save

To enlarge the chart, click to access the image and then click again. We’re working on a seed saving kit and these tips will come in handy for the beginner. Check back again for more tips as we gather images and techniques. Do you have any tips for the amateur seed saver? »

Vertical Seed Starting – Easy, Fun, Saves Space and Money

Vertical Seed Starting – Easy, Fun, Saves Space and Money

It’s back to elementary school for some space-saving tips on germinating seeds!  No need for fancy seed starting domes, soil or spritzers. This method makes it fun to see how plants grow. In just a few days, your beans, basil, zucchini, pumpkin and sunflower will sprout and will be ready for planting. Some plants such as gourds may take a bit longer but will emerge in much less time than pla... »

California Buckeye Seed Horse Chestnut uses poisionous about how to

California Buckeye Seed – Fun Facts and Folklore

              The California Buckeye tree looks almost unnatural in the fall with it’s bare tree limbs and giant seed pods that resemble deer eyeballs! The smooth, chestnut-colored nuts drop out of their shells and onto the ground. Don’t eat them unless you know specific leaching techniques because they’re poisonous. THREE FUN FACTS ABOUT CALIFO... »