how to grow garlic scapes

How to Grow Garlic Sprouts and Scapes

Grow your own gourmet garlic scapes year round! How to Grow Garlic Sprouts/Scapes The goal is to get sprouts or scapes – not more garlic cloves. Growing Medium: The cleanest way to sprout garlic is with a planting medium that does not contain soil. Use straight perlite or vermiculite, or a combination of both. Vermiculite absorbs water and perlite helps the material to stay airy. Perlite aid... »

grow garlic in containers

How To Grow Garlic from the Grocery Store, Farmers Market or Certified Seed

Have extra garlic from the grocery store? You can start growing your own garlic with one clove! GROCERY STORE The key is to use ORGANIC garlic because it has not been sprayed with a growth inhibitor chemical. That’s correct. Regular garlic has been treated so that it doesn’t sprout in the grocery store. If your grocery store carries organic produce look in that section for garlic. It m... »