5 Tips for Buying a Compost Tumbler

There are rolling drums, spheres and crank operated models. Some compost tumblers sit on a sturdy base and tumble vertically. Some rotate horizontally on rollers. If you want to invent the next workout craze, get together with some friends and roll around those ball-like tumblers. On second thought, this could cause too much frustration – they Read More

Recommended Music and Videos for Kids – Gogo Bonkers

Do you have a zanny side?  We hope so. Even if you’re not playing the spoons in your backyard right now, you’ll love Gogo Bonkers! Meet Treevor the Tree Spirit, Olagg the Ogre, mystical fairies and other fun characters. Their album ‘Love the Land’ is award-nominated and their nature-inspired, zanny and entertaining videos will make you Read More

Review of the Lifetime Compost Tumbler

Have you seen this tumbler? It’s $98 bucks at Costco!  But hold off a bit before you lay down a hundred smackers on this seemingly great deal. UPDATE ON PERFORMANCE Our first batch of compost came out pretty good. It took 2.5 months to get this: 18 days after start of batch: If you have Read More

Pros and Cons of the Urban Compost Tumbler

Urban Compost Tumbler We have the largest model (9.5 cubic ft) and it has given us compost in 4 weeks. The larger the better if you are serious about composting. If you would like to try it out, go for a smaller model or one that is less expensive. How It’s Used If you keep it in Read More

Our Favorite Children’s Books

Over the years we’ve accumulated a nice list of our favorite books. As of Spring of 2011, our oldest daughter is almost 8 years old. Do you have a favorite book that isn’t on this list? Please add a comment with the scoop. Thanks a bunch! Our neighbors and friends have given us books that we continue Read More