School Projects

Earth structure model for kids

How To Make an Earth Model Showing Layers EASY NO STYROFOAM

The core, mantle and... »

growing in raised garden beds

Interviews with Cindy Rajhel of Home Grown Fun

Host Mike Podlesny o... »

Garden Idea Book

15 Fun Garden Ideas for Home, School and Community

Gardening Ideas and ... »

Build Raised Beds Cheaply

Build 6 Raised Beds in ONE DAY on a Budget


how to make fish emulsion fertilizer

Homemade Fish Fertilizer Improves Celery at School


Worm model for school

Model of a Red Wiggler Worm

I love composting wi... »

Temperatures for Solar Cooking

HOW TO Make Your Own Solar Oven – Fast, Easy and Cheap

Solar ovens are fant... »

Printable seed envelope template

FREE Seed Envelope Template

You can make your ow... »

dinosaur math problems

Dinosaur Math Word Problems for 2nd Grader

If you like to play ... »

Homemade Fossils – MADE EASY!

Homemade Fossils – MADE EASY!

It’s easy to &... »

Teach Kids About Composting – VIDEO

Teach Kids About Composting – VIDEO

A video that shows c... »