Teach Kids About Composting – VIDEO

A video that shows composting is fun!  Kids love learning how it helps the environment and makes awesome garden soil!

Kids moved from station to station and learned how keeping household waste away from landfills prevents dangerous gases from rising into the air and seeping into the ground! They were amazed that food scraps can be recycled to make awesome garden soil.

The lunch with the principal was a big hit. Everyone liked watching him eat and our trick to divert his attention and steal away his scraps so we could compost!

For help holding your own Composting Fair or to arrange for us to visit your school or company in Southern California, please contact us.

Thank you to Gogo Bonkers for letting us use their award-nominated music for the video!

Do you have a zanny side?  We hope so. Even if you’re not playing the spoons in your backyard right now, you’ll love Gogo Bonkers!

Meet Treevor the Tree Spirit, Olagg the Ogre, mystical fairies and other fun characters. Their album ‘Love the Land’ is award-nominated and their nature-inspired videos will make you laugh. Gogo Bonkers makes taking care of the environment fun. Check out their Gogo Bonkers YouTube Channel I can’t stop singing ‘Garbage mountain…what can we do about it’.