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How to make homemade fertilizers from the founder of Home Grown Fun

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  1. Hello Cindy and family. My name is Sherie. I live in Australia. I am in my 70th year, love humans,life and most things in between. About 12 mths ago I was diagnosed as having bowel cancer. There is a point to this, my kids always ask me the same thing. I will send you all some of my good luck, because, the wonderful surgeon and his staff, removed the tumor, no chemo, didn’t spread, wouldn’t you call that lucky. So, here is the point, I have had a big tree change, living off grid and, growing my vegetables, in the nicest garden I have ever had. I love it, the dirt , composting watching things grow, and the taste of fresh food. We have a plentiful supply of cow manure on hand. I have always wondered about how the owners of the cattle treat them with chemicals. I want to say thank you for your article on animal manure in the garden. I love people like yourself, that share your knowledge and thoughts, so people like myself (the masses) can not wonder anymore. I wish for you only good and great things. I will go cautiously among the cow manure and leave it in a heap. Bye for now, just wanted to let you know how much help you gave me. Sherie Rodrigues.

    • Wow Sherie! Glad you were able to get that tumor out and now can enjoy your life! Sounds like you are living the gardening dream! I just turned 53 and am on my way to having the best garden of my life too! I have planted many fruit trees as well as plants around the fruit trees to bring in pollinators, shade the ground and ward off pests. Thank you for your awesome note! Lately I have been posting on my facebook page a lot: I am thinking of updating the manure post and dedicate it to Sherie in Australia!

  2. Garlic page … Farmer’s Markets…
    You write: “As the grower if they spray the garlic with a chemical”
    Should read, “Ask the grower if they spray the garlic with a chemical”

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