Fresh New Garden Word Search

Have fun searching for familiar and new gardening concepts in this exciting new word search. Words may be found diagonally and letters may be listed in reverse. Have a great time challenging your friends to a timed contest, add some excitement for students or inspire gardening club members to try something new. FREE for a limited time on Home Grown Fun!

Gardening for FUN and Food – Exciting Garden Projects for All Ages

At our place, we seem to never run out of creative ideas on how to grow edibles and utilize the garden for entertainment, food and gifts! Check out our latest eBook, a huge collection of exciting garden projects for any ability level. NOT AN EXPERT? NO PROBLEM Get inspired to grow lemon cucumbers, amaranth greens,

Seed Packet Printable – Customize Your Own Garden Seed Envelopes!

Custom made seed envelopes make great gifts, school fundraiser offerings and the perfect rainy day activity. You can make your own seed packets with just about anything including sticky notes, scrap paper and old seed catalogs! Think about printing your own! Include personalized information for friends or customers. Great for seed exchanges, merchandising or promotions.

Organic eBook Bundle – Natural Fertilizers and Pest Control

Get these two eBooks for a reduced price as a bundle!  Get over 25% off when purchased together.  50 Natural Fertilizers and Soil Amendments “50 Homemade Fertilizers and Soil Amendments is the ultimate collection of EASY, ORGANIC recipes for EDIBLE GARDENS using FREE and recycled materials. There is no other reference out there that covers

50 Homemade Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Gardening eBook

“The ultimate collection of EASY, ORGANIC recipes for edible gardens using FREE and recycled materials. There is no other reference out there that covers as many materials and techniques under one cover.” Learn how to recycle weeds, seashells, beer grains and more to improve your soil, save money and grow organic vegetables, herbs and fruit.

Organic Pest Control Secrets for a Non-Toxic Vegetable Garden

Synthetic insecticides, natural oils and homemade sprays can be toxic to your garden! These chemical and natural pest control applications upset the natural balance of “good” and “bad”. Before you crush up a jalapeno to make your own (Do-It-Yourself) DIY repellent…before you douse your plants with neem oil…before you reach for a can of chemical death…please read this book. You’ll be convinced that hot pepper belongs in salsa and not in a spray bottle. This electronic book contains original close-up images of beneficial insects and garden pests. Learn how to attract the good and keep the bad away – naturally!