Seed Packet Printable – Customize Your Own Garden Seed Envelopes!

Custom made seed envelopes make great gifts, school fundraiser offerings and the perfect rainy day activity.

You can make your own seed packets with just about anything including sticky notes, scrap paper and old seed catalogs! Think about printing your own! Include personalized information for friends or customers. Great for seed exchanges, merchandising or promotions.

Formatted as a Microsoft Word document, you won’t have to fool around with image editing software to customize your own envelopes. Two packets print on each page. Simply cut them out, fold over the flaps, glue and fill. Sample seed information already on the packet!

I used this template to sell and gift seeds and loved how I could replace the picture easily and change the text quickly. After lots of testing at my farmers market booth I learned a few tricks and listed those on the bottom of the template along with the instructions. Using textured or colored papers (kraft paper is fun) and makes them even more irresistible!

TERMS OF USE: This template is for personal and small business use. You can use it to sell seeds online or in stores if you are a sole proprietor or small business. The rights DO NOT include selling the template to others in any form. 

Printable seed envelope template

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