Quick and Easy Guide to Growing Garlic

Growing garlic is easy! Don’t let it be a complicated process. Check out these 5 simple tips for success:

  1. When to plant? The best time to plant garlic cloves is right after the first frost in your area. No frost or always warm temps? Consult local experts.
  2. How to find garlic seed? Look online for seed suppliers who offer garlic seed. This seed is grown for the purpose of planting and may be less susceptible to disease. Research hardneck varieties that will grow well in your area. You CAN grow garlic from the store! Just make sure it is organic (more likely not to have growth inhibitors sprayed on it to increase shelf life).
  3. Where to plant? Prepare a planting bed in full sun and add lots of compost to the soil. Does it rain a lot? Plant in raised beds.
  4. How to plant? Plant each clove with the skin intact, pointy end up, and flat end down. Remember 3 numbers: 2, 4 and 6 2 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart
  5. When to harvest? About 8 months later after the bottom leaves start to dry out / turn brown.
Garlic growing in the garden with the stem (scape) removed.

A GARDEN TIP MANY DO NOT KNOW: When the scape (middle stem of the garlic plant) grows straight up and tall, pull it out before it starts to curl. Eat the stems – they have a garlic – green onion flavor! You can freeze them too!

Frozen garlic scapes can be used in many dishes – simply remove from a freezer bag and chop.

You can freeze garlic cloves in glass canning jars. Take out what you need all year long.

Freeze garlic for a year-round supply!
Garlic butter with herbs

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