Fun Facts About Ladybugs

ladybug facts for kids“Hi, I’m actually a lady beetle, not a bug. I chew my food instead of sucking it up. When something threatens me, I ooze smelly stuff from my legs to scare it away – like a tiny, gooey, super hero! I eat all kinds of pests like aphids, mites, white flies, and scale insects – and even some fungus and mildew. Hold your applause because I’m not perfect. When snacks are not plentiful, I gobble up younger beetles (sorry) and also like to dine on tasty nectar, pollen and honey-dew. Even with these minor flaws, I’m still your friend in the garden. Thinking of releasing me and a bunch of my buddies around your house? Please do some planning first. If I’m not native to your area or if I haven’t been fed first, I may just take off and find a more yummy yard. Let me go at night after you mist your plants because moist is marvelous! Some of us will fly away. Don’t be sad. We will eat your friend’s pests. Now please stop taking pictures and let me get back to nibbling…thank you!”

If you would like more information about how I may or may not help with garden pests, check out this recent article on how to control aphids –  it might surprise you!