Themed Fruit Salads – A Simple Way to Celebrate any Special Day

Some of the best birthday and father’s days end up being the most simple.

Instead of buying him  gadgets and trinkets to store on the shelf we executed an idea from one of the kids: “Let’s each make a fruit salad for Dad!”

The littlest made a king’s crown. The oldest made a peacock in front of a sun. She’s been studying peacocks and the year before got ‘Most Creative’ for her pine wood derby peacock car – she just plain has peacocks on the brain. Mom brought back memories of glacier hiking in New Zealand, with icy-blue pools and a cave for the two lovebirds. A little kiwi bird at the foot of the glacier reminded Dad of the one we spotted while camping in the Abel Tasman.

Nibbling on the fruit while making the sculptures made it even more fun!

The peacock got a drizzling of lemon and honey. The girls scattered borage flowers (starflower) around their fruit sculptures and a cactus fruit worked great as the peacock’s body.

This might not go over as well in your house, but there was no doubt that Dad was impressed. He repeated several times, “This is awesome, the best Father’s Day ever!”