Dig your own Fossils in Wyoming and Utah

Get out the chisels!

Love fossils? Delta, Utah and Kemmerer, Wyoming offer some of the best fossil diggin’ around.


Feel like an paleontologist as you carefully separate layers of rock to find your own 55 million year old fossils at Warfield Fossils in Southern Wyoming. Bring gloves and glasses to protect your eyes. They provide the rest!

We also love Antares Fossils. This is a jam-packed gallery/store showcasing of all types of fossils from the United States and abroad. The folks that run this place love fossils and have items priced for kids on up to specimens you would be thrilled to display at home or safeguard as an investment. We loved the barrels out back that hold treasures that literally kept Mom there for hours.

Antares Fossils & Minerals
431 Front St.
Evanston, WY
Telephone (307) 789-8737

U-Dig for Trilobites

On our way home from our Yellowstone trip, Mom was dying to stop in Delta at U-DIG Fossils. It’s a long way from the exit of the highway but why not? We were so close! The kids expressed their opinions about how they “just wanted to get home” and Dad was asleep in the passenger seat. As the rest of passengers went into la-la land, Mom veered off the Interstate just in time hoping that there wouldn’t be a revolt.

When we finally got to town, camper in tow, it was late. We knew there was a chance they would be closing soon and although we didn’t want to be thought of as rude outsiders, we politely asked if we could drive to the fossil site. To our surprise we got to plop our camper down on the owner’s property and drive the truck to the site to try our luck!

Good thing the camper was left behind because the roads were rough. When we finally arrived, sweltering hot outside, we met…the Fossil Whisperer. Yep, Bevin really has a way with Fossils and he was great with the kids. His family has been manning the quarry since it became a real tourist attraction and we found a spot and started pulling them out. If you go to this site you will come out with more 500 million year old trilobite fossils than you need. Excellent experience that we will never forget!

When you visit U-DIG, check to see if Bevin is wearing a T-Shirt that says “Fossil Whisperer”. We gave him that idea!

Learn how to make your own fossils – view our cute youtUbe video!