Funny Ways to Recycle Human Hair and Stay Green

recycle human hairHair is a renewable resource! Pounds of hair get wasted every day and lost in landfills. Like tumbleweeds rolling around in the desert, these misplaced clumps and drainage gooh can be put to use for the good of humanity.

There are plenty of ways you can reuse human hair and if you are ready to do your part to protect the earth, give at least one of these ideas a try today:

Birds could use your hair for their nests

Just set it out in a tree and see if they pick it up and start building. You’ve known that birds are some of the best recyclers in the forest – show your support!

How to help a mall favorite go green

Parents shell out tons of money so their kids can have the stuffed animal experience of a lifetime at that specialty store at the mall. The children pick out a favorite animal and watch the stuffing twirl and whirl about in a funny looking machine. By installing human Hair Drop-Boxes in front of every store, the company could begin to reduce their carbon footprint. The giant stuffing machine could tumble up your tresses right before your eyes and automatically sanitize the filling before pushing it into the little critters.

Are you out of work or need some extra income?

Losing a job or having a hard time finding one is not funny. But if you plan things right, and have patience you could sell your hair to wigmakers. Wigmakers are everywhere. They keep such a low profile, your neighbor could be a wigmaker and you wouldn’t even know it. Sign up for one of their networking breakfasts in your area but keep an eye on your food for strays.

Create a welcome mat out of your human hair

This will show people right at the beginning what they can expect when they visit you at your humble abode. They’ll know how they should behave as well as where to put any hair they find rolling around your kitchen floor.

If you have mice or rats, then get out there and do something about it!

Some animals like deer, snails and rodents just hate human hair. Have you seen a mouse in your house? We suggest putting wads of hair in the mouse holes. It’s like cryptonite on Superman!

If you don’t like deer or are afraid of ticks and contracting Lyme’s Disease, go into the forest and shake your head a lot to repell them. Note that you may not be so popular during hunting season. Keep this activity a secret from your employer, all social media sites and Uncle Bob in Hornswallow Valley.

Hair is great for your compost!

This could be the most boring but practical idea of all. Clean out those hairbrushes, drains and shower stalls. Take it all out back and bury it or stick it in your compost bin. As garden fertilizers go, hair is rated at 12-0-0. (The first number is nitrogen.) It’s slow release formula will keep adding nutrients in your soil for years, maybe hundreds of years. Skip the trip to the home center this week and do your garden good. (The experts say to separate the big wads into smaller pieces so it can decompose faster.)

Everything but the stuffed animal rant is based in truth. Birds could use your hair for nests, mats have been fabricated out of human hair, you can sell or donate your locks to a wigmaker, deer are repelled by it, and composted curls do add nutrients to the soil. Some people even stick hair cuttings directly in the ground or in plant pots!

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