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We like to invent new garden gifts and kits at Home Grown Fun™.  Sometimes it’s just the way we put things together that makes them special.

The information that we provide also sets us apart. For example, we packaged up a collection of seed paper with a suggested garden design. Acting as a plant matchmaker, we kept in mind companion planting tips, the height of each vegetable or herb and growth rate.

We can’t make that many of one item because it’s a family business and much of the time it’s actually a one woman show. However, we make up for inventory issues with creativity, quality and inspiration. Each product we offer for sale must satisfy at least 5 of the following key objectives.

~Offers a fresh idea or a new take on something that alreay exists. ~Inspires people to spend time in the garden. ~ Presentation of the product makes it naturally attractive. ~ Makes gardening more fun. ~ Makes growing easier. ~ Sparks the imagination. ~ Contains organic seed.

All of our products adhere to the following guidelines:

~ No pesticides or chemicals commonly known to be potentially hazardous. ~ No genetically modified (GMO) seed.

Mothers Day Gifts at Ace Hardware OceansideWe are proud to offer a few of our products at our local ACE Hardware store at 3766 Mission Avenue in Oceanside, CA.

We love this store for several reasons. Ace Hardware is not a franchise business – each store is independently owned. I’ve got some emotional attachment to this kind of business because my Dad started his own hardware store when I was in junior high school. He was an entrepreneur all his life and I personally experienced the highs and lows of his successes and failures in business.

When we need something special, we know Ace will have it – and they know what they’re talking about! Instead of walking through a massive home improvement store, we get what we need and we’re on our way. (Kind of like how the smaller grocery stores are making a comeback.)

So, if you’re local, please check out this Ace. The garden center in the back of the store will delight and surprise you. And while your at it, maybe pick up a bag of our Compost Tea. It contains ingredients like compost, worm castings and kelp to make your plants grow vigorously!

Natural 3 Compost Tea

Over the years we’ve developed a fine brew of tea – for our soil!  The benefits of worm castings, compost and seaweed extract in concentrated, biodegradable bags. Just plop a bag into a container of water and let sit for a few hours. Water your plants as usual.

A convenient soil amendment that promotes vigorous growth of vegetable gardens, fruit trees, flowers, herbs, container plantings and indoor plants.

Manufactured in Oceanside, CA by Mom and U.S. Army Veteran, Cindy Rajhel

Each bag contains 5 easy-to-brew tea bags. With each bag making 2-5 gallons or more of compost tea, you can produce at least 25 gallons from one package.

Apply before planting to condition the soil and every couple of weeks throughout the growing season. Reuse the tea bags and when finished, bury under roses or other plants for added benefits over time.


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