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At Home Grown Fun™, we just want to enjoy family life and if you share the same approach, we ask that you provide feedback on this site using family-oriented etiquette. If you are unsure what that means, below we have some details on what kinds of content we love and what kinds of feedback we might not want to allow on the site.

  • Please contribute without over-promoting your products or websites. Links to helpful and relevant references are fine, but if your comment is an obvious sales pitch posted to increase traffic to your website or sell more of your products we may decide to delete your comment(s).
  • We use spam blockers but if obvious spam gets through, we’ll delete it right away.
  • We will never delete comments with constructive criticism, feedback or suggestions. We love that and thank you, even if you think we aren’t “all that”.
  • We don’t really have time to warn people that they are being inappropriate. We would rather spend that time enjoying family, gardening or planning our next adventure. So we won’t be scolding or counseling anyone in the comment areas.
  • Please do not include the following in your comments:
    • Affiliate links
    • Non-relevant promotional links
    • Offensive content, names or links
    • Illegal content, names or links
    • Inappropriate content such as dating sites, gambling or pharmacy products. We will remove those comments immediately.
  • If you have a general comment or suggestion, or would like to share links to your products or website, please contact us through the contact form.

Thanks a Bunch!

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