Grow your own loofah sponges with video!

We’ve wanted to grow our own sponges for years now ever since we learned about them from Chet at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, California. A great place for old fashioned fun and our favorite, the Fall Tractor Show. They grow all sorts of plants and sell them to keep the tractor parades going and the steam engines blowing.

I always thought loofahs came from the sea. Once we realized that they simply grow on vines, we added this project to our list of garden FUN!

Plant Early

It’s getting warmer in SoCal. We planted the loofah seeds in early April but for many other zones you should start the seeds before the last frost and plant as early as possible. It took longer than 10 days for the seedlings to emerge. Loofahs also need a long growing season – 150-200 days. The taller the fence the better so we added height to our back fence. 

Unique Gifts

“Raw” loofahs still in their crusty skin make really neat gifts – seeds and all. We add a tag that explains how to peel and clean them. Nice natural ribbon adds a organic touch to the package. No wrapping paper needed.

 Check back near summer for an update on our adventures in loofah land! 






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  1. I would love to grow Loofahs and give them as Christmas gifts, I too thought they came from the sea. I live in Southern Ontario Canada, the agricultural place to live and we have a wonderful growing season but not sure whether or not I can grow them here. I live just South of Windsor along Lake Erie. It is May 1st tomorrow and we are told after May 24th weekend there is no longer a danger of frost. I’d appreciate an answer as soon as possible so that I can find the seeds and plant them before it is too late.

    What my questions to you are;

    1.Where can I get the seeds?
    2. Will they grow here?

    Thank you
    Patty Kotow

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