Aliens or Tomato Hornworm Leftovers?

What a surprise when I blew up a photo of a hornworm looking for detail on the caterpillar and noticed a mangled blotch of ‘alienness’ nearby resembling hornworm parts.

We immediately called the FBI. No sorry, we made a quick call to our ultra-knowledgeable friend Kay and she explained that tomato hornworms go through 4-5 “Instar” stages or shifts where they grow bigger and shed their former skin.

OK, this is all fine and dandy Kay, thanks! But, ah, ah, wha, what is that dogface thingy poking its head out? Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? Someone out there, anywhere in the galaxy, please enlighten us on what this creature really is. Just a blob? A baby hornworm?

Wait, I must stop writing because I think I see a UFO co ming str ai ght to ward my ne ighborho                     o d   8            ‘~          ^                  .;

l                       p           h’___                    –                 –

—         __u  Y               h

There are two of ‘um – RUN!

Downright fascinating. With the naked eye, it looked like bird poop or damaged branch. What do you think? Gross but WAY interesting?