How to Compost Acorns

How to Compost Nuts
How do you Compost Acorns? Apparently, very carelessly! How to Compost Nuts

There is a lengthy article in Scientific American about using acorns as a food source. As you can imagine there are plenty of caveats – they’re not the most renewable material and they require lots of processing – the tannins need to be leached out well before the meat can be used for eats.

This got me thinking as many things do. I use the leaves that fall from my oak trees in my compost – why not acorns? They provide food for all sorts of animals. There’s just one catch, the shell. It can take months and even years for acorn shells to break down.

Squirrel candy will work in the compost pile but you gotta crack the nut first to enable faster decomposition. Integrate them into the compost with lots of green and brown materials. Guess the idea is not so nutty after all!


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