How to Eat Kohlrabi | 5 Ways to Prepare Kohlrabi

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how to eat kohlrabi how to prepare kohlrabi for kidsEverything is doing well at our school garden including the kohlrabi. The farm stand that I visit regularly sells a bunch for $1.75 and I’m also growing two kinds in my community garden. Most of the students in our garden club have never seen kohlrabi before. It’s a weird-looking veggie. Looks complicated but it couldn’t be easier to enjoy. The key is to buy it or harvest it at the right size and to peel it to remove the woody shell.

kohlrabi image how to eat kohlrabi plus recipe for kohlrabiWHEN TO GROW KOHLRABI: Grow it in spring or fall depending on location.

WHEN TO HARVEST KOHLRABI: Bigger than a golf ball, smaller than a baseball. The larger they get, the more fibrous and woody they become.


1) KOHLRABI ENHANCED SOUP STOCK OR SAUCE: Peel it and slice along with an onion. Add chicken stock, boil, lower temp and cook until reduced to desired consistency. Strain.

2) KOHLRABI CHIPS: Just like you would kale. Remove the stems first and lightly coat with EVO and sea salt, bake on parchment at 375F for 8 minutes or until crisp and still green. Watch closely.

3) RAW KOHLRABI: Peel of course and slice into discs. If tender enough, eat like an apple. No seeds! Crunchy sticks work great in lunchboxes at our house or make for good snackin’ after school.

4) PICKLED KOHLRABI: I cheat by steaming it, cutting into sticks and dropping the pieces into leftover liquid from some Amish pickled garlic that I love. For an Asian twist, I throw steamed strips in a canning jar with some rice vinegar, dash of fish sauce and sugar and salt to taste, then shake to mix.

5) SAUTEED KOHLRABI: After removing the stems, julienne the leaves. Peel and slice the bulb into 1/4″ strips. Chop an onion or shallot. Add the kohlrabi to the pan first with a good glug of olive oil. Once browned, add the onion and cook until translucent. Then add the greens until well wilted. Season with S&P to taste.

Do you have a special way to prepare kohlrabi?

grow kohlrabi in raised bed
Our raised bed at the school garden growing kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts and various herbs. Great companion plants for kohlrabi are nasturtium, borage, onion and garlic.