HOW TO Grow Cucumbers Over Other Plants to Save Space

Growing Cucumbers in Small Spaces

How We Did It

    1. Selected varieties of cucumbers that we prefer eating. A no-brainer but try and pick the ones with smaller seeds. We like the pickling cukes as long as we don’t forget them. Don’t let them become more than a few inches long. Their skin will be like cardboard.
    2. We make many hills inside the raised bed only a foot or two apart. We plant 4-5 seeds per hill and then thin to 2-3 plants after they’ve sprouted and look healthy. We’re not getting too much crowding and this yields a nice crop.
    3. Use wire fencing that is coated if possible to prevent scratches when installing and harvesting. Pick the kind that you can bend easily. Place one side in your planting bed and the other on the ground. Secure with stakes.
    4. Get Attached! Help the cukes attach themselves to the arch by curling their tendrils around the wire. They can climb under or over the arch!
    5. Keep your eye on the prize. One day can make a big difference in size. Clip them off thew vine instead of pulling. Kids love to pull and they can break or pull the plant right out of the ground. Our kids love searching for the cucumbers and saving the day before they become “Hulk Cukes”!