How to Grow Garlic Sprouts and Scapes

how to grow garlic scapes

Grow your own gourmet garlic scapes year round!

How to Grow Garlic Sprouts/Scapes

The goal is to get sprouts or scapes – not more garlic cloves. garlic sprouts edible

Growing Medium: The cleanest way to sprout garlic is with a planting medium that does not contain soil. Use straight perlite or vermiculite, or a combination of both. Vermiculite absorbs water and perlite helps the material to stay airy. Perlite aids in preventing root rot.

Planting Containers: Place a clove, pointy side up in a small dish, cup or container – anything will do. No need for a drainage hole. Egg shells work because they will hold moisture despite being porous.

Light Requirements: Place the planted cloves on a windowsill or in a spot where they will get some sunlight. If sun is hard to come by, try it on the counter and you’ll be surprised to find they will sprout there too, although less vigorously and less colorfully. The more color to your sprout, the less bitter and more flavorful the taste.

Watering: Cover the root area below the clove with water and change the water every few days.

Harvest: When a shoot finally grows past two inches, take only 1/3 off for eats and allow it to keep growing. The taste of garlic year round for pennies!

The Taste of Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes taste like a cross between chives and garlic occasionally with a slight bitterness. The bitterness is usually not a deal breaker.

Use Garlic Scapes Fresh or Cooked

They seem to compliment the flavors of salads, wraps and fresh dishes better if minced, finely chopped or thinly sliced. Small to medium strips or pieces work well if cooked. Garlic scapes work wonderfully in sautéed dishes and stir fries. Use chopped sprouts like chives on baked potatoes and pasta.

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