HOW TO Grow Ginger Indoors

It took a few weeks to pop through the soil and a couple of months for it to take off. I picked up organic root so it would have a better chance of sprouting. The soil mixture is homemade – sifted compost, worm castings, vermiculite and perlite. Learn more about all those ingredients on Home


Container Size to grow ginger

Ginger likes to run horizontally underground so if you have a short sided but wide container that would work even better than what I’m using. If you stick it in a tiny pot you won’t get much to harvest.

How to plant PLANT ginger

Plant the root about 2 inches deep. Water it every once in a while. Partial light is all it needs. I wouldn’t put it in direct sun.

How to harvest ginger

Making ginger tea or preparing a dish that calls for ginger? You can start taking ginger a few months after planting, carefully uncover the roots and trim off just the amount you will use right away.

Do you grow ginger or tumeric in the ground or in containers, and how does it do for you? I would love to hear from my friends around the world!