Use Vinegar to Kill Weeds? – Plus a VIDEO

Weeds are a Pain! Despite all the blogs and websites that rave about vinegar killing weeds, it’s not a perfect solution. In fact, boiling water will kill weeds, sometimes better than vinegar. Vinegar dries out the leaves of weeds and makes them wilt. What it won’t do it kill the roots. If you’re still determined to try the vinegar technique, the recipe and tips below will help:


A good recipe to start with is 2 quarts vinegar to 2 tablespoons dish soap. The dish soap is important because it helps the vinegar to adhere to the leaves. Pick a sunny day when there’s no chance of rain for the next couple of days. Saturate the leaves of those pesky weeds and see what happens. If you’re like me and not convinced, you might enjoy the video below the tips.

Tips for Killing Weeds With Vinegar

1) HOW IT WORKS: Household vinegar, or distilled white vinegar, is 5% acidity (50 grains) and if applied to leaves of weeds, it can choke the weeds dead.

2) IS IT ORGANIC? Vinegar is considered an organic method of weed control.

3) DOES IT KILL THE ROOTS? Vinegar will wilt weeds, but many times the roots will survive and they’ll eventually grow back. You’ll spend a lot of time squirting and misting, and might get a blister on your spraying hand! 

4) HOW STRONG DOES IT HAVE TO BE? Vinegar-based weed killer products are available that are 10% and even 20% acidity. These are more effective but are corrosive to eyes and more harmful to the environment – be careful! Try not to saturate the earth.

5) WARNING TO ALL VINEGAR ENTHUSIASTS: Watch out where you spray! Don’t get any of the mist on plants you want to keep.

6) ALTERNATIVE METHODS: Pulling weeds by hand, roots and all, ends up being more effective according to Little Miss Squash Blossom. Cardboard, used burlap sacks and mulching work well to prevent weeds in the first place. There’s a corn product on the market that also helps prevent weeds from growing when worked into the soil.  BOILING WATER works great too!

7) WHERE IT WORKS BEST: Vinegar seems most effective on weeds in cement cracks and lodged in the cracks of wooden fencing. Try boiling water in some places. It works for us.

VIDEO – Little Miss Squash Blossom™ Tests Vinegar to Kill Weeds

Little Miss Squash Blossom™ lives in Loofahland and loves to share her adventures in the garden. Her dog Tingleberry keeps her company. She’s a feisty character with lots to learn!

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