Jack and the Borage Stalk

Wow, this is our borage (starflower) this year. It grew so tall and full  there is enough for the kids and the bees!  Our girls feel like they are in another world poking around the borage bush.


  1. And it shoots up so quickly. One day it’s low and hosta like, then by the end of the week, it’s 2 1/2 feet tall and gets bigger from there. The problem I have is that once it gets this big, one good rain and it flops over, the stem can’t support the weight of the plant! Do you stake yours when it starts to grow tall? Mine are covered with bees from the first flower, they LOVE that stuff. 🙂 And it reseeds everywhere so you’ll probably never need to plant it on purpose again.

    • So true! I need to be more strategic the next time I plant borage. The neighborhood kids will never forgive me if I don’t include it. We tried to candy the flowers and it was a challenge but still a fun experiment. Thanks for visiting Lisa!

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