Learning about Lavender

I like the video series by Sarah Bader on lavender. I easily remember her tip for pruning. Cut two inches above the start of the soft wood. If you don’t do this in the spring your lavender will end up scraggly and won’t create a nice mound like it’s supposed to.

I have Spanish Lavender and French Lavender (adopted from a friend who will traveling all summer).

The Home Grown Fun Garden Spanish Lavender

During my own research I discovered the naming of these types is all screwy. The French variety (serrated leaves and less intense purple) originated from Spain and the Spanish variety (pineapple shapes flowers with intense color) originated from France, Spain and Italy.

I’ll post more tips and our uses in the garden and kitchen soon. See the post on making home made soft pretzels for a great way to use lavender. Believe it or not, we learned to add more lavender to each pretzel!