Passion Flower




  1. Man, I love passion vines. I don’t know why I haven’t grown more of them in my garden. I guess it may have something to do with the fact that I’m cheap and starting them from seed is the cheapest way to grow them, but I have horrible luck with starting passion vine seeds.

    Anyway, lovely pic and flower.

    • I miss that passion vine – hope my nice tenants are enjoying it. Maybe I need to fake a landlord visit so I can sit by it for a bit. The passion vine, Anna apple tree, grapes and more are those special plants that bring back fond memories of my kids – growing right along with them.

      I was psyched to see borage growing in your garden (picture book post)! I’ve been growing it for years and want to insert it strategically into a local children’s garden but they think it’s more of a weed : )

      Thanks for stopping by – I need to make a point to send people your way to learn about seed saving.

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