Pros and Cons of the Urban Compost Tumbler

Urban Compost Tumbler

We have the largest model (9.5 cubic ft) and it has given us compost in 4 weeks. The larger the better if you are serious about composting. If yreview of the urban compost tumblerou would like to try it out, go for a smaller model or one that is less expensive.

How It’s Used
If you keep it in full sun and once filled, do not keep adding to it, you will be able to produce great compost quickly. Add 1/2 brown materials and 1/2 green materials. See a list of things you can compost here.
Once you start composting you might think of getting another composter!

Urban Composter (Model UCT-9) REVIEW

  • Makes compost fast, in weeks! This is a huge benefit for us. We’re not patient when it comes to watching food rot!
  • It’s huge but easy to rotate unless you are physically challenged.
  • Doesn’t stink if you use a balanced ratio of green to brown materials.
  • Specially designed vents and internals circulate the air expertly.
  • Price – we bought our composter years ago when composting was becoming more popular. You would think the price would go down but it has stayed the same over the years. We honestly can see why. It is strong, dependable and works quickly. There are no metal parts to rust out.
  • Putting it together – It’s not like those toys that snap and click and you’re done. Be prepared to read directions but it’s been worth it.
  • Emptying the compost – We put the cover of a plastic bin under the tub to dump out the compost – a bit awkward. A small wagon would work well.

To purchase the Urban Compost Tumbler, check out the page where I recommend my favorite products and send you to the best place to purchase them.