Recommended Music and Videos for Kids – Gogo Bonkers

Do you have a zanny side?  We hope so. Even if you’re not playing the spoons in your backyard right now, you’ll love Gogo Bonkers!

Meet Treevor the Tree Spirit, Olagg the Ogre, mystical fairies and other fun characters. Their album ‘Love the Land’ is award-nominated and their nature-inspired, zanny and entertaining videos will make you laugh. You’re kids will want to see and hear more!

Gogo Bonkers makes taking care of the environment fun. There are messages in their videos and music that remind us to recycle, help each other and enjoy nature. We love ‘Olagg’s Big Surprise’. The funny Ogre dances around through the forest beating his drum with Treevor the tree spirit. They show us how a simple hike through the woods clears our minds, makes us happy and gives us a new outlook on life.

Bluestaff’s Garbage is “another funny guy”, as described by out daughter. “He needed to be taught not to litter on the beach.”

Check out the Gogo Bonkers YouTube Channel for all their videos and visit their website to listen to their amazing and catchy music. I can’t stop singing ‘Garbage Mountain…what can we do about it’.  Thanks to GoGo Bonkers for letting us use their music in our Composting Fair Video shot at Foussat Elementary here in Oceanside, California.