HOW TO Grow Healthy Roses

  1. Water at ground level and deeply. Don’t soak the leaves. You’ll get black spots from the sun burning the petals. Better to water once a week really deep than surface watering every day.
  2. Black spots? They say one tablespoon esach of baking soda and dish soap in a gallon of water will do wonders if sprayed on the leaves.
  3. If aphids appear, spray your buds with a strong stream of water.Or use a very diluted soap solution (1 tablespoon dish soap to a gallon of water). If you want to get out the big guns, acquire some ladybugs and release at night to keep most of them in your yard. They think aphids are scrumdidleeishous.
  4. Add fiber and stay loose. In spring, work into the soil some peat moss or compost along with some sand (coarse is best) to keep it loose.
  5. Personal attention. Withered leaves and petals need to be picked off and removed from the area.
  6. Keep it simple pruner! Prune 1/4″ above an outward facing bud. Your blade should be sharp. Get rid of those suckers down below.  Always cut off the suckers, they grow just below the bud union; follow them down to where they begin and carefully remove them to encourage strong new growth.

Remove dead petals and flowers.

Prune off suckers

More detail coming…


  1. Would you happen know anything about using coffee grounds to fertilize roses? My mini roses are looking kinda glum. Was wondering if there was anything I could do to perk them up.

    • Think you’re on to something. We get coffee grounds from a local coffee shop and use it to amend planting beds. The nitrogen seems to make the plants happy and grow healthier. There are many gardening gurus out there that warn us experimental types to limit the coffee because the grounds are highly acidic and can be too much for even the most acidic loving plants. 1 inch sprinkled on top of the soil at least two inches away from the trunk should do it. Composting with grounds work even better. Coffee is considered a green material and the ratio that we found that works best is 60% brown stuff such as leaves and paper, to 40% green material such as vegetable scraps and coffee grounds. If you try the coffee or find any tips others could use please share on our community tips page or anywhere it fits on the site.

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