Tomato Hornworm Video

How to Get Rid of the Tomato Hornworm

Little Miss Squash Blossom is faced with a rude garden pest in this fairytale featuring live shots of the tomato hornworm.



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Something sneaky is ravaging Little Miss Squash Blossom’s heirloom tomatoes. A pesky hornworm hides under the leaves during the day and devours the plants in the dark of the night. Little Miss Squash Blossom won’t have it!

She loves tomatoes and it pains her to see them destroyed. But there was something even more evil causing problems for Miss Squash Blossom.

My youngest still reminds us that we made her little doll gross for the video. 

The day before, a mean-spirited little girl wandered into Little Miss Squash Blossom’s Garden. She was transformed into a Hornworm Fairy, a selfish, jealous, and inconsiderate version of the hornworm. The Hornworm Fairy set out to prevent Little Miss Squash Blossom from growing her own food. 

Nice video of real hornworms from out garden. And we used a dried loofah gourd as Little Miss Squash Blossom’s house!  

That night, Little Miss Squash Blossom consulted with her pet Tingleberry to devise a plan to for getting rid of the mysterious, destructive creature. As she starts to drift off, she couldn’t help but feel uneasy. So Little Miss Squash Blossom disguised herself for a stakeout, and sat in the woods to catch the pest in the act. Tingleberry brought a little fresh zucchini strips for snacking. 

Funny! Fresh zucchini strips for snacking, haha!

Little did they know the Hornworm Fairy was watching them! Finally they came face to face and it was clear that the Hornworm Fairy was a bully. Little Miss Squash Blossom couldn’t reason with her and the Hornworm Fairy made her feel bad.

Her voice seems so cute now that she’s older and in high school. 

Suddenly the sky was filled with wasps, the kid that preys on hornworms. They laid their eggs on the naughty fairy and she turned back into a little girl – running away from the garden as fast as the hummingbird flies!

LOL, we used little marshmallows to mimic wasp eggs. Wasps do lay eggs on hornworms and the larvae eat the hornworms from the inside out. 

Little Miss Squash Blossom learned there will always be creatures trying to ruin her day. She vowed to bring more butterflies, bees and birds into her life to lure the pests away; and to give her the courage to live among creatures that she may never be able to understand or change. 

You can catch a glimpse of the old skin carcass of the hornworm and the tail. WOW!