Wheel of Whitefly Answer

Here’s the solution to the Wheel of Whitefly puzzle. If you have other techniques for controlling whiteflies, please add them in the comments.

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wheel-of-whitefly-answer-smallFirst get control of the ants if you have any on your vegetables. Also remove dust that can protect whiteflies. Buy or make your own yellow sticky traps. It’s easy to paint small wood boards bright yellow. Secure these around the garden. You can attach them to stakes in the ground. Place trap close to plants because whiteflies do not fly long distances. Make a trap for every two plants you want to treat.

Techniques to make the traps sticky:
  • Wrap packing tape backwards around the yellow board so the sticky side faces out. Point the sticky side away from the sun.
  • Mix up equal parts of petroleum jelly and detergent. Clean often with soap and water and reapply.