Winter Garden Update

Grow a Winter Garden

Grow a Winter GardenOK, we’re supposed to have our crops established before the cold weather hits. Despite this best practice, my veggies are growing and we have freezing temps at night. Mostly 50’s during the day but the weather regularly goes from one extreme to the next.

I covered the beds with cheap plastic. They already had cloth over them to fight frost. One huge mistake I made was to assume all bales of straw would be free of seed. The bales I’ve used in the past for mulch didn’t sprout. I should have looked closer. Now I have wheat grass popping up and forming a thick dirt carpet throughout 3 beds. I read it’s an annual so I’ll continue to pick it out until it’s gone. The goal was to insulate the soil after it was warmed by a few balmy days and create a natural barrier on the edges of the beds where the plastic didn’t reach. I have the arches hinged on one side and I made do with one package of plastic sheeting.

Kohlrabi is starting to form bulbs. Brussels sprouts, beets and parsnips taking off. Garlic and carrots looking good. Lots more lettuce. Cilantro, mache and claytonia making great progress all of a sudden.